YUKON Spring into Summer Rebate Program

Yukon is releasing its new Spring Into Summer rebate program today! The program differs in product offerings from our Spring Rebate that ended April 27th.

Spring Into Summer Runs May 3 – July 30, 2019. Attached is the overall program including rebate instructions, product information sheet and participating sku’s. The url where the program can be found is www.yukongear.com/springintosummer. The url can be used for printing and downloading the rebate form.

On the Rebate form below you will see the eight active offerings for Yukon’s Spring Into Summer Rebate program.


This Bronco is one of our latest projects...full frame-off restoration. We added a ton of modifications and modern technology to this bad ass Bronco.

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So you have a Sprinter van, huh?  Here at Suspension Specialties we will extend the capabilities of your new investment.

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Keep it simple or go full bore...if you can dream it, we can build it.  You'll be out enjoying your Jeep in no time.  Call us today and we'll talk shop!

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Suspension Specialties

Total Source Vehicle Customizing. Open monday-friday. Sat by appointment if necessary
Suspension Specialties
Suspension Specialties1 week ago
It's a new style of transfercase....
Suspension Specialties
Suspension Specialties2 weeks ago
A little frame reinforcement on a GMC, and some big brake for a jeep.
Suspension Specialties
Suspension Specialties3 weeks ago
Incase you didn't know we did gears. They are lined up and coming in....
Suspension Specialties
Suspension Specialties1 month ago
I have tried to accommodate people bringing their own parts, and sometimes it works, and sometimes not. As of now I will be very particular what parts if any I will install that are customer supplied. Shop rate is going up a bit as well to make up for costs also.

Thank you for your support..

Voted Central Oregon's Best Suspension Shop...

Lift it. Lower it. Customize it.

Here at Suspension Specialties of Bend, we do it all.  If you can dream it, we can build it.

Suspension Specialties does a great deal of specialty work, we also do the everyday maintenance work that some vehicles need. We do a little of everything...brake work, shocks, tires, basic accessories, air suspension, hydraulics, performance chips and some exhaust work.


Think you've got something for us to do?  Give us a shout and let's see what it takes!